Viña del Mar and Concepción ,are beautiful cities of the center and south of Chile, the first is located in the region of Valparaíso, next to the ocean Pacific, in the outlet of the tideland Marga Marga. It is an outstanding tourist center and one of the most renowned beaches in Latin America ; the second is located in the Eighth region of Bio-bio, next to tehe ocean Pacific too.

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  The management is located in the City of Viña del Mar and the Factory is in the eighth region of Chile. In the following address:

Viña del Mar , Spain Avenue 1139
Telefax: (56) + (32) + 2234060   Cell. (56) + (98) + 742 86 81

Algas en la costa Chilena

   Port Montt is a beautiful city located in the county of Llanquihue, in the bottom of the Reloncaví cove, a wide bay that is part of the gulf of Ancud. it has an important port activity and of transport in general, since it constitutes the terminal of the railroad that unites these areas of the domestic south with the capital, Santiago, and it serves as connection with other more southern ones. It is also the center of an agricultural area, cattleman and with big potentials in aquiculture, as well as of the fishing that arrives through the small port of Angelmó.

Port Montt, Chile