Seaweeds & Agar Company Pacific E.I.R.L. (Seacop Pacific E.I.R.L.) has the responsibility to represent their foreign partners, manufacturers of agar, carrageenan and alginates, Moroccan and Asian companies. We provide raw material for manufacturing these products, have excellent quality and competitive prices.

   Seacop Pacific E.I.R.L. has professional personnel specialized in diverse areas, it offers a custom attention to their clients and it contributes them solutions and quick answers to their necessities.

Raw material for extraction Agar-Agar

Raw material for extraction Alginates


   Seaweeds & Agar Company Pacific EIRL. (Seacop Pacific EIRL.) through their support department and consultantship, it offers the logistics in International Trade and it always fulfills all the demands, regulatory schemes and international standards, also offers support in innovative Projects and of training.

Logistica en Comercio Exterior
Logistics in marine transport
Documentation center

    We put to disposition some documents of general interest on Foreign commerce, Marine Algae, Marine Cultivations, Aquiculture, Environment, Economy and other related topics.

    Some of the documents are in format. pdf and to visualize them, you need to have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, a program of gratuitous distribution. You can discharge them gratuitously without registering or something similar.
Available documents at this time

  Square of marine algae of the world

  Biological aspects of seaweed "Gracilaria Chilensis"

  Square of algae, products and uses


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Raw material for extraction carrageenan