We are a Chilean company with a spirit of overcoming, in exports and imports, with many years experience. Our company and companies associated annexes, are engaged in export, processing and marketing of various products of the "Sea", especially " Seaweeds "of different varieties.


   Our objective is to develop all the classes of the commercialization, of purchases and sale, exports and imports, openings of investments and projects, consultantships national and international, distribution source, international transferences and negotiations by contract, we commercialized Products, secondary-products and derivatives of such, we exported species natural, dehydrated, sprinted, fresh, congealed of the "Sea"; single natural products, industrialized processings and naturally, marine plantation of seaweeds and other species, like raw material also finished of laboratory in Chile and foreigner.

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  Experience, quality and service our greater commitment


   The company this focused in activities of National and International Trade, representation services, consultantship and training in the field of the aquiculture and others. It has an excellent working team and professional for the development of their activities from Chile for the whole world.


   To position us like one of the most grateful companies in Chile and the world, for their activities of Foreign commerce, Services, Consultantships in marine cultivations and projects in general, standing out for their credibility, trust and their innovative philosophy.