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Raw material for Elaboration of Agar

   The Agar is obtained of the Red algae or Rodofíceas, among them those of the Goods Gellidium and Gracilaria, These are distributed in wide areas to it, long of the Chilean coasts and the world

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Raw material for Elaboration of Carrageenan

   The Carrageenan is obtained of the Red algae, some 15 species are used in to the carragenatos extraction highlighting Chondrus crispus, Mastocarpus stellatus, Euchema sp, The Carragenina is used as estabilizante in the Nutritious Industry, the Cosmetic one, Food for mascots and others.

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Raw material for Elaboration of Alginates

   The Alginate is obtained of the Brown Algae, Of the 300 species potentially useful some 12 are used, highlighting Macrocystis pyrifera, Laminaria hyperborea, Laminaria digitata, Saccorhiza polyschides, Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus sp. The alginates are used in the nutritious, Textile Industry, Industrialization of meats and vegetables, Pharmacy, Cosmetic, Petrochemistry and Odontologic, among others.

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Agar all grades

   The agar is a very complex polysaccharide that in fact is the mixture of two polysaccharides, agarosa and agaropectin. It is obtained of the Red algae. The agar is used in the elaboration of half of cultivation in laboratory to have a great gelling power to temperatures of 34-38 oC (extracted agar of Gelidium) and 40-52 oC (extracted agar of Gracilaria) what allows to add the organisms that can be cultivated in a homogeneous way. The agar you can sterilize to temperatures> 100 oC without it loses the gelling powder. It is also used in many other industries, nutritious, pharmacist, Bacteriology, photographs, and others.

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