Factory of natural process of marine algae as raw materials for elaboration of industrial products, Port Montt, X Region.

   The project of the plant of natural processes of marine algae as raw materials for elaboration of industrial products consists on the installation of a plant for the development of a drying activity and natural dehydration, cleaning and storing of Marine Algae in the town of Port Montt, this project is born as perspective for the economic development of the Tenth Region, where is it concentrates 89% of the centers of cultivation of natural algae, which take place around 31.278 annual humid tons of excellent quality for the national and international industry. Plants don't exist Pymes in the sector, single handmade collects without any appropriate infrastructure and that they don't fulfill the international requirements for the export.

Gracilaria chilensis
Gracilaria Chilensis

   The process that will be carried out in the plant is simple if it is applied the technology and appropriate infrastructure.

   Center of genetic improvement and tecnological transfer for the development of the cultivation and process of marine algae of importance commercial.Port Montt. X Region.

   The project consists on the installation of a station for cultivation controlled in ponds and genetic Improvement of two species of selected marine algae: Gigartina skottsbergii and Gracilaria spp.


  • The cultivation of algae in controlled ponds, surrenders excellent increment in the productivity compared with its growth in the natural means the production it is increased in but of 50% what assures a sustainable development in the disposition of the resource for its later process and commercialization.
  • to have a control on the fenotipic and genotipic characteristic of the species, most of the species of algae produce great quantity of elements reproductive, called spores, and they can be increased notably if they improve the conditions of the means where they are cultivating it also allows to apply technical of vegetable improvement to obtain germoplasm banks that allow to take the enhanced varieties to other areas or cultivation centers are already in ponds or in their half natural one controlled.
  • to integrate the necessary resources and to link to the community and the academic Institutions of the area to create and to apply technology and national engineering; to still develop the genetics and the biotechnology to make more efficient the productive cycles; to Develop the processes of marine algae technologically as for laundry, cleaning and drying to improve the yields of the plants harvested in their industrial uses, to carry out technological exchange with pioneer countries and leaders in this field like China, Japan and Philippines.

   Center of applied Biotechnology to the production of spat (seed) of bivalve Mollusks of commercial importance. X Region. port montt. Chile.
   This project is presented like a solution to satisfy the seed demand for the aquiculture of bivalve of commercial importance caused by the envelope exploitation of the resource in the natural means, through the controlled production of enhanced seed genetically in the hatchery; replacing this way necessities like:
  • Readiness of Seed 100 reliable% and improved genetically through the biotechnology. Which contributes to clean the varieties of pathogen, to find resistant varieties, and to that these adapt better to different present problems in our agriculture ecosystems.
  • The covering to the growing demand in the world market of mussels, because In Chile, a great natural readiness of this resource exists, nevertheless the aquaculture farmers, obtains its seed in natural banks.
  • To minimize the big size dispersions in the cultivated copies that impede the homogeneity in the crop, to improve the systems and procedures of it puts on weight, it harvests and post-crop through training programs.
  • The hatchery offers other advantages with regard to the gathering of seeds in natural banks since they are reliable, improved and economic, allowing to give seed of high quality and chord with the necessities of the aquaculture farmers allowing them to obtain seed that is not available in the natural banks and adapted to specific conditions.

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