VIÑA DEL MAR - CHILE    Year 1    Number 1    August 2007

  "Begin to do the necessary thing, after what it is possible and suddenly you were doing imposible"

San Francisco de Asis   

Organic aquaculture, an alternative




   Aquaculture is the production of fish and other marine life under controlled conditions

   By the year 2000, almost 1/3 of the global seafood supply CAME from aquaculture. The global rise in aquaculture reflects declining wild fish populations around the ......

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Con orgullo Chileno

   Chile, is a country that advances to giant steps in different aspects like the economy, the managerial and technological development, among others. Aware of what means to make part of this change and to face the range of possibilities that presents the economic Opening and the treaties of free trade for Chile and the whole world, Seacop E.I.R.l. he/she offers to their clients besides their products and services through this Web site, their experience and Know How, with an integral politics of Quality and sustainable that presents innovation strategies and administration of the quality, technological transfer and strategic, political alliances that allow to position the domestic economy in the world but competitive markets.

   For Seacop E.I.R.L. it is a great challenge and a high responsibility, but we are committed with the country and with our clients.

Management of Development
August 2007

The Xantan and the Alginate

The Xantan gum

  The Xantan, is a Polysaccharide, that is to say a complex Carbohydrate made up of several sugars, it is produced by a called bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris that infects to some tropical plants, there are dedicated industries .......



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